Community Easter Egg Hunt

Please join us at St. Thomas Lutheran Church as we host a Community Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday, March 25th, at 2PM.  Kids can meet the Easter Bunny, enjoy an egg hunt, face paint, make crafts, and eat snacks.

Whether you plan on attending or not, please consider donating the following: 1) plastic eggs, 2) candy for eggs, 3) toys for eggs, 4) pre-filled eggs, 5) plates, cups, napkins, 6) face painting supplies, 7) money for craft supplies, 8) baked goods for the event, or 9) digital camera with printer or polariod camera. Please speak with Lisa Long for more details.  We hope to see you there!

“Pave the Driveway” Campaign

At St. Thomas, we have been taking steps to repair the driveway located in front of the church. We are calling this campaign PAVE THE DRIVEWAY.  The construction phase of this project is now complete.  However, the financial phase is not.  Please stay current with your monetary commitments as we look to pay off the NJ Synod loan used to complete this $41,000 project.

The PAVE THE DRIVEWAY committee continues to fundraise in order to pay off this loan. Please look in the First Day Notes, The Vine and The Branches, or the website calendar for upcoming fundraising events.