Raise The Roof Campaign


Thanks to the money raised at the Yard Sale on Saturday, May 16th, the roof over the kitchen in Luther Hall is now officially paid off!  A very special thank you goes out to the members of the Raise the Roof Committee, fundraiser volunteers, and fundraiser participants!  This endeavor could not have been possible without all of your efforts!

The storm

Now that the storms have passed  we all should all really reflect on how lucky we all were.

I guess in these times God was with us the whole time  because it couldve been alot worse. But as a note that even in NON- storm times we always have God with us.

As always God will always be with us  especially in times of need.  During the storm one person had a huge tree on their bedroom ( it fell on the house) . But she arrived at school when we came back unscathed. God WAS with that person.

In conclusion God IS ALWAYS WITH US.